Wig Dream Meaning

Wig in your Dreams

Dreaming of using a wig is noticed that you will have to make some changes in your life that they can bring reinforcements results. A wig in a dream symbolizes the deceit, trap and artifice to carry out the daily works. If you dream of an expressed black wig that some near people are not what imagines. To dream of another person that uses wig means that some of your friendships are been worth of false qualities to try to please you and this way to be able to influence it to your whim.

Nowadays, if you dream of your friend's wig it means that your behavior is missed, it is possible that in your desire of pleasing people that surround you is been worth of lies and frauds that sooner or later will be discovered. A wig of colors in a dream is sign of excesses when talking about your qualities, what can end up you to show as arrogant and ostentatious person.

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