Wrinkled Skin Dream Meaning

Wrinkled Skin in your Dreams

To dream of a wrinkled skin remembers the African legend of the one moved or transformation of the skin like it makes a snake frequently. All dream linked with this is related with you chewed or sew that they are renewed or they change for an eternal youth. If you dream of a skin wrinkled in the face of an old man you will have a love affair strange as having planned by a female priestess or a Celtic hag. Dreaming of a wrinkled skin of an old man is alerted the vicinity of a family situation bothersome that it could damage your health.

Simultaneously, the dream about a wrinkled skin is as the positive or negative aspects of the change or rupture of it cracked of a seed or of another thing. It should bring surprises or unexpected things but that you will take as lessons forever.

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