Yarmulke Dream Meaning

Yarmulke in your Dreams

To dream of a yarmulke (of Yiddish) or kippa (of Hebrew) the person is connected conscious or unconsciously with a spiritual internal force; it could serve it as guide in the daily life at this time. For their spiritual content, it is a virile good and not very common sign.

If we detail, to dream that you lost their yarmulke, it could alert that you need to recapture the road lost in the treatment with their relatives, in the businesses or with their friends. To walk without one on your head, it insinuates that you are insecure, disrespectful of your religious faith or things that you considered sacred (marriage, children, family patrimony, etc) some years ago. Likewise, dreaming of that you is afraid with the loss of your yarmulke it suggests to cling to the truth when you need to make decisions. If the color is white it expresses rejoicing, party and future wedding; if it is black it denounces loss or mourning.

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