Zoomorphism Dream Meaning

Zoomorphism in your Dreams

To dream that you or another person transform into an animal symbolizes the zoomorphism of your personality in some occasions and places. When you feel irrational instincts, control lack when debating some matter or a wild desire of making love, you could motivate a dream with a god half person – half animal, or human beings with certain physical features of domestic animals or savages. In those cases, you should measure their instincts or to moderate their impulses. Dreaming of the zoomorphism and your manifestations, you have taken some characteristic of wild animal, what would allow it to have experiences of more freedom or independence in social spaces in the near future.

To the inverse one, if the zoomorphism developed in its dream transforms it into an animal it can indicate that the sexual repressed desires and repressed impulses are real and they need the satisfaction. It is important to observe the animal in which you have become or some feature of this and to consider their meaning; among other, the eagle is identified with the sun, the sky, the ascension and the royalty, the lamb symbolizes the sweetness, purity, simplicity and sacrifice, while the horse associates to the slenderness, the force, the nobility and the victory, among others.

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