11:11 Number Dream Meaning

11:11 Number in your Dreams

To dream of the 11:11 number represent the power of a hell to happen or a strange situation that it needs to be exorcized by their wicked force. With this it should be controlled or to fix all that you see or detect like broken, dirty or full with spider's webs. If you dream of the 11:11 number in a T-shirt of a person you should observe all thing or product that you buy in these days carefully. Dreaming of the 11:11 number in a digital clock of bracelet seek advice check all the corners of your house to detect rodents or other plagues harmful.

Currently, this dream is identified by many with negative premonitions while other considers it an opportune warning to rectify, to detect and to eliminate the harmful. It can also be good this premonition to take away from the not wanted or conflicting.

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