September 11th Dream Meaning

September 11th in your Dreams

To dream of September 11 represents a disaster, something very unpleasant or an irreversible matter that includes destructions of properties or of people. September 11 symbolize disaster, catastrophe or terrible experiences that include losses in the spiritual and in the material things. If you dream of September 11 with policemen and firemen running you will expect a complicated and difficult problem from solving in the work that will motivate the protest of your colleagues. Dreaming of September 11 with airplanes that explode and buildings that collapse are omened the loss of a well-known property by you due to a tornado, hurricane or earthquake.

Consequently, this type of dream will always be linked with something that will be negative, unproductive or not very fortunate that will motivate feelings of insecurity or concern permanently. The premonition that an event of this type it means that a dream as this it has caused the loss of the enjoyment of the life or of the freedom commonly.

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