Oysters Dream Meaning

Oysters in your Dreams

Dreaming of consuming oysters sat down in a beach is represented the possibility of a night sensual walk and full of incredible pleasures. The oysters mean the closing, the cloister or the contention of desires or approaches that they could question the morality. To dream of oysters very fresh and closed it denounces a fact that will question your will to be allowed to subject for some mundane and extravagant pleasures. If you dream of oysters served with lemon in a plate you will be able to assure the beauty, the modesty and the human quality of a person very attractive.

Certainly, this dream points out the probability of leaving of your things, of the intense work or of the lack of communication and love. This way, to see oyster shells in your dream could omen the vicissitudes and disillusions of you to obtain the full happiness.

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