Absence Dream Meaning

Absence in your Dreams

To dream of the absence of somebody represents the proximity of a depressive or sentimental state very deep to remember or to suffer the loss of something very dear. The absence symbolizes the hole, the silence or the nostalgia for something very precise and certain. Dreaming of the absence of something very protective by you it seeks advice to control the energies in the face of the hole or the solitude from their children when leaving to a school trip. You dream of the absence of somebody that was consultant and it guides of their steps you will be aware of the vacuity of a loss physical not changing.

Finally, this type of uncomfortable or difficult dream is a great consultant for the soul and for the life for the encouragement and force that express its premonitions. Be happy to your soul and those that you have to next side avoiding to transform your state of spirit in a problem for others.

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