Altar Boys Dream Meaning

Altar Boys in your Dreams

To dream of altar boys represents that you or another person are being considered or approved to a good work position perfectly. The altar boys symbolize the good behavior of people with the fellow-being, the help for the benefit of other people or being somebody respectful and educated. If you dream of altar boys very young helping in a Catholic ceremony you will enjoy a very positive fact in the sentimental and the economic things in your company. Dreaming of altar boys of mature age helping in a procession in the street is omened the arrival of something wonderful to your home as a baby or a financial offer to the family in a very fortunate moment.

Nevertheless, the dream about altar boys can be something restrictive or negative if you don't hear some melody or song. The presence of sound in this dream points out or omens love and fondness in next facts; the total silence expresses just the opposite.

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