Marionette Dream Meaning

Marionette in your Dreams

A marionette is a wooden device linked to the scenario, to the comedy or drama; with its use it allows to make think, to educate and enjoy to adults and children. However, to dream of a marionette is related with the solitude, the lack of communication or the nostalgia. Also it is a symbol of human ability to manipulate or to be manipulated. Hence, if you dream that you are a marionette, you will feel the control of other people in a conflict inside of your work space soon; then, be careful and elaborate own arguments in your ideas and reflections. Likewise, to see a marionette in a dream indicates lost of your autonomy and of your particular image in a social space near to you. Dreaming of a marionette will alert you of any manipulation on you for an authoritarian personality or somebody that supervises your work.

Particularly, a marionette present in the dream of a young woman could indicate solitude and nostalgia for a happy childhood passing. In the boys it could symbolize erotic games on behalf of an attractive girl of your class or part-time employment.

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