Amphisbaena Dream Meaning

Amphisbaena in your Dreams

To dream of an amphisbaena symbolizes an attention or an action in two addresses, it is a force or energy that guides in two addresses or that it divides a road in two paths. An amphisbaena represents the difficulty, the confrontation or the adversity of the myth in the face of the reality. If you dream of an amphisbaena of red color and body of dragon you will experience a difficulty that you will be able to solve if it goes by two complex tests related with legal and financial matters. Dreaming of an amphisbaena of gray color and body of snake is omened the victory after a long road with two crossings that you will conquer without more difficulties.

As a matter of fact, this dream suggests or advises to take calmly and perseverance all the tests, tensions and difficulties to be able to sum up your purpose in the life. Be a constant person and clear in your objectives and you will achieve all that you are proposed.

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