Ankh Dream Meaning

Ankh in your Dreams

The presence of an Anj in your dream symbolizes the fertility, the permanency and the convincing of something new very convincing. To dream of an anj represents the trip of the time, the rebirth and the continuity of the life in spite of any problem. Dreaming of a anj hung of the neck of a Pharaoh seeks advice to consult to your lawyer to reopen a dispute with the county or parish. If you dream of a anj hung of the neck of a very young person you will be called by an international company for a demonstration of something carried out by you.

Consequently, this type of dream allows giving very good omens related with your work or with the form in that you guide to the family. The presence of the anj in public places as a park or a sport stadium denounces the change of objects, situations or behaviors obsolete or inappropriate.

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