Push Dream Meaning

Push in your Dreams

To dream of the push of objects or situations represents intolerance to the power, great effort to leave a difficulty or a motivation for the life. The push symbolizes action of life and resistance, take in of circumstances and useful results. If you dream of the push of a door of exit of a great warehouse you will close all the commercial operations with a problematic client that wants a loan of your company in goods and services from last month. Dreaming of the push of a big rock that blocked your office is omened to avoid mistakes with matters that seem "a piece of cake" and that they will be a real problem in your life.

Finally, you will solve what alerts this dream to take out with your personal push all difficulty of the middle. This includes your mental and emotional state since maybe you are suffering the tension of a sentimental or financial loss important and you should be liberated right now of all obstacles.

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