Ashes Dream Meaning

Ashes in your Dreams

To see ashes in your dream represents the transformation of something important material in something insignificant or the disappearance of something agitator that affects your life today. To dream of ashes can mean the conclusion of a relationship, of a friendship or of a life very in spite of you. If you dream of ashes on your worktable you should be know what task or situation it has concluded abruptly in your company. Dreaming of ashes in the table of your dining room is omened a stage of limitation in your economy that will impede the obtaining of foods for the family.

Nowadays, the dream about ashes possesses contradictory meanings related with the change of something, the conclusion of a stage of the life or the beginning of a personal period of reflection and spiritual exam. It can also point out the acceptance of a problem and the culmination of a state of individual desperation.

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