Coffin Dream Meaning

Coffin in your Dreams

A coffin symbolizes arrival of a positive news or guarantee of long life with a lot of health and work. To dream of a coffin represents the time spent in a not very important matter or a fear that it not has reason of being thought a lot of time. If you dream of a coffin that is empty you will be able to defend your marketing project perfectly without obstacles or objections the executives of the company. Dreaming of a coffin that is busy with somebody unknown is alerted a question of your work demonstrated by some unconcluded matters that gave origin to difficulties to solve.

In fact, to see a body in a coffin during a dream insinuates that you will face limitations, confrontations and problems due to the approaches of other executives that they want your position. Maybe you feel to have lost your creativity and individuality for the limitations that have imposed to your work as executive.

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