Aura Dream Meaning

Aura in your Dreams

To dream of the aura around your person means a sign or premonition of how your present is and it will be your future if you observe with clarity a color very clear or brilliant. The aura represents the psychic state of a person, its spiritual situation and even the behavior of your acts before the challenges of the life. If you dream of the aura around the body of an unknown person and of color orange or yellow you will be able to foresee what you should make in each moment, right here and right now, during this year without difficulties. Dreaming of the aura around a well-known person and of dark color it seeks advice wisdom and care before situations that will put it in test your kindness or honesty.

Often, this dream will make you feel necessary, important or not changing for your family and community when showing some gift or quality special. However, it should not be allowed to take for those feelings of superiority and be only reflexive above everything and everybody.

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