Bereavement Dream Meaning

Bereavement in your Dreams

To dream of the bereavement or the affliction for something or for somebody it means a sign of something that will cause sadness or guilt in your person. However, the bereavement can denounce a change of life, a personal improvement or the elevation of your social status but accompanied by nostalgia for your previous life. If you dream of the bereavement caused by the death of an unknown person you should get ready to face the disappearance of some customs or lifestyle of your community at the moment. Dreaming of the bereavement that causes the destruction of a family object is omened an elevation of your personal economy but far from your old friends.

By the way, this dream can alert on negative matters but also of positive changes that are not accepted totally. This makes very useful this premonition if you take with seriousness and you left to one side all sentimentality.

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