Birds Dream Meaning

Birds in your Dreams

If some time you enjoyed the movie about birds that attack people directed by Alfred Hitchcock, you will understand the symbolic value of the birds in the human imaginary. To dream of birds means happiness, life, cleaning and freedom in the saga of all individual. If you dream of birds that disturb the trees of your neighborhood you will be able to enjoy good omens or news on relatives and friends. Dreaming of birds flying on houses or buildings of your city is expressed the proximity of a sign of hope for all the colleagues of your company when being increased the work.

Without any question, this kind of dream stimulates the creativity and the expectations of going forward in your plans with success and total freedom. The visual sharpness or the memory of the details of this premonition can auxiliary in the best understanding in their message, as specifying what type of birds or colors are manifested or they prevail.

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