Black Rock Dream Meaning

Black Rock in your Dreams

The black color is usually related to the dark and negative, but in the case of black stones we can assure you that is not the case. In reality, its meaning is quite the opposite. The same goes for the properties they have and how they can help you. Black stones are intimately related to self-control, serenity and endurance.

If in your dreams black rock appear in any type of connotation or form, you must observe all the intervening elements, these symbolize the beliefs in yourself and your inner strength. Some even make direct reference to the moral and sentimental principles of each individual, which the subconscious keeps ingrained.

In this type of black dreamlike image it is interesting to observe its representations to be clear about its meaning. They possess a symbolic power of great relevance in each individual who experiences the perception of images in the dream. It reveals his inner strength and his reserved thinking, which sometimes does not wish to be exposed.

The rock has a strong symbolism and conveys an important message, since since ancient times and for different cultures, stones have been carriers of messages or have been loaded with an important symbolism if they are black. Seeing rock in your dream, symbolize strength, unity and your immovable beliefs. Some stones may indicate your moral principles, your ability to judge or be ashamed of something.

Dreaming of stones or black crocuses, The size of the rock is proportional to the importance of the problem or obstacle you are going through. If you dream of very large stones that hinder your way, it means that you are facing a major problem, that you must arm yourself with courage and patience to overcome or solve it.

Dreaming of rocks or stones represents the stability that an individual has or desires in his existence. But, also if they are black it can represent their determination to risk everything for a commitment or for a love. Or it may represent the pursuit of greater security in life or in a relationship.

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