Burrito Dream Meaning

Burrito in your Dreams

To dream of a burrito (kind of tortilla of the Mexican cuisine) generally represents contradictory experiences: if we don't like it, it denounces confrontation to something unpleasant in the next future; if we like it, it confirms that we are taking advantage of our public and private life well. If we dream that we are eating a burrito without social company, it expresses sadness and depression in our state of spirit currently. As part of the Tex-Mex culture, to dream that you eat a burrito in friends' company and family in a restaurant as Taco-Bell, you will confirm the friendship and those people's positive fidelity in the near future. Likewise, dreaming of a burrito located in their kitchen or dining room, clever to eat, it omens a social wanted encounter, a moment of family happiness or the good use of a meeting that he worries about today.

Negatively, a dream that includes this food but with bad aspect or bad flavor is sign of occurrence of infidelities and false manifestations of friendship with you very soon. On the other hand, the bad appearance of a burrito in dreams alerts you to check or to examine all business or purchase that you carry out.

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