Buttocks-Bum Dream Meaning

Buttocks-Bum in your Dreams

To dream of a buttocks-bum symbolizes to person or situation that he or she will behave like wanders, unproductive, slow or difficult to develop relationships or to work. It can also be a dream that alerts you of an encounter with a sex symbol next, very attractive but very relaxed (requests a lot and it toasts a little). Even, it could be a sign of "be careful" or "go away".

Hence, when you dream of a person that identifies as a buttocks-bum you should be attentive of not losing your time and your head in some business non clearing begun at the moment. Also, dreaming of an individual that you know perfectly as a buttocks-bum you could face an encounter with an attractive and unknown person or with a false situation that will derive in a trap. No doubt, this dream is a magnificent one alert to you to avoid eyes and beautiful bodies or attractive and loving behaviors. Then, with your eyes wide open.

Even more negative, to dream of a buttocks-bum could omen a ridiculous situation or false relationship that will be white of jeers and lots of your attractiveness. Perhaps, warning of avoiding annoyances and shames. In this case, don't fool around.

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