Scrapbook Dream Meaning

Scrapbook in your Dreams

To dream of a scrapbook represents nostalgia of the past, memoirs of the particular life and recognition of the successes of other people that you estimate. A scrapbook symbolizes an almost detailed route of the step of the years. Dreamt of a scrapbook with family pictures it is omened a crisis of nostalgia due to the absence of old friends and to the memory of the childhood that you almost have forgotten. If you dream of a scrapbook of diverse news on the New York Yankees or of the Boston Red Sox you will receive an entrance free to a great ball stadium to enjoy your favorite team.

Negatively, a scrapbook could alert about a situation of complicated health or the loss of a very dear person. Also, it advises to leave the past and the nostalgia to begin a new life with big adventures and amazing encounters.

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