Caduceus Dream Meaning

Caduceus in your Dreams

To dream of a caduceus indicates the possibility to neutralize an unpleasant matter or to offer the tranquility to your colleagues with your personal abilities with the executives of the company. The caduceus is linked with the positive change, with the magic of the peace and the love permanent. If you dream of a caduceus left by Mercury on the sofa of your home you will be able to reach many benefits for your colleagues in the company with a simple conversation with the boss. Dreaming of a caduceus that a friend has in his hands is alerted of litigation between your relatives for a land patrimony of the family.

Over and over, the dream about a caduceus is something premonitory of health and prosperity, as well as of total solutions to complex matters. In any event, it is a symbol of peace and of success against the bad, the unpleasant or the problematic.

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