California Dream Meaning

California in your Dreams

California is the most populous and rich state in the United States. It known as the Golden State. Hence, to dream of California indicates chancy spirit, extreme emotion, amusement and prosperity generally. California has symbolized for the history of the United States engaged earth, abundance, liberality and coexistence with the forces of the nature.

If you dream of California visiting one of their cities you will receive the sign of an attractive work offer. If the dream with California is related with its landscapes and lands like the Valley of Napa you will receive an invitation to a work lunch for the approval of the project that elaborated your work team. Congratulations.

However, dreaming of California and an earthquake when you walk for a beach like Venice it is omened to take care of your matters with severity front to chances and disorganization in your work. Don´t forget that the risks sometimes include the menace of the financial situation and the reached patrimony.

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