Sea Urchin Dream Meaning

Sea Urchin in your Dreams

To dream of a sea urchin indicates defense lack before an event or complex situation, an emotional state under or a deep emotion felt lately before an event. A sea urchin symbolizes defense or insecurity, vigor or weakness, and it thrills or it defeats. If you dream of a sea urchin produced in Chile and consumed in California you will feel sadness and insecurity for your great sentimental solitude although you have money and prosperity. Dreaming of a sea urchin produced in Japan and consumed in South Korea is omened a strange and happy event that it will stimulate you in your family plans and of work too largely.

Maybe, the dream about a sea urchin alerts of a pleasant trip but challenger it out of your country very soon. When in this type of dream is intense the color and the shine of the sea urchin points out a positive year in the private and publics matters.

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