Camouflage Dream Meaning

Camouflage in your Dreams

Dreaming about camouflage is a way to show your discontent with your own body, with the image that represents you physically. A dream in which you see camouflage in your clothes indicates your permanent effort for hiding yourself from others or going unnoticed in order to not to be involved in situations in which your opinions could be evaluated externally. To dream about camouflage indicates that you in your relationships try to hide significant elements of your life that could expose the real you in black and white. When in a dream you see elements that contain camouflage it is because you love the cat family. They are your favorite species. Sometimes the people who dream about camouflage try to hide behind others to avoid responsibilities, they blame innocent people. Dreaming of camouflage shows you are a person who suffers because you aren't able to express what you feel openly, you are afraid of being hurtled by other people who take advantage on your nobility and innocence.

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