Car Tires Dream Meaning

Car Tires in your Dreams

To dream of car tires represents high trust, self-esteem, and human conditions front of the projects of life. It is important that you remember the details of the dream related with car tires. One hand, the trust is reflected if the car tires are with appropriate air and they are well placed. In the other hand, if the car tires are flat they symbolize loss of your trust before somebody important; it will alert you to it that what was making is not so easy with that help by this person's false. Also, worn away car tires symbolize feelings of impotence for not getting desires and objectives thought by a lot of time.

Likewise, nails or jabs in the car tires represent ideas and critical feelings against you for matters not well directed by other people. Dreaming of the reserve car tires is omened ideas and correct feelings before accidental plans.

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