Classic Car Dream Meaning

Classic Car in your Dreams

Dreaming of a classic car of German origin in front of your work it is expressed the necessity of being punctual and serious in a very lucrative business with a dear friend. A classic car means to be conservative and wise in yours acts or to have a health and longevity very good during all your life. If you dream of a classic car manufactured in America and parking in front of your house you will be able to be sure of the permanency of the happiness in your home. To dream of a classic car of color clear and brilliant it represents the development with security and fullness of your life next to relatives and friends.

Whence, the dream about a classic car means to maintain the presence and the status of your current identity or to obtain the success with an unexpected idea. It is a premonition that will advise always, it will add or it will contribute good things to your life.

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