Catastrophe Dream Meaning

Catastrophe in your Dreams

To dream of a catastrophe represents the unexpected uncertainty, the dysfunction, or the shame of loss the work and not to be able to give what it needs your family. Also, this dream could denounce an enormous tension or concern for a big change in your private or intimate issues. If you dream of a catastrophe caused by a tornado in your county or parish you should think that something unknown it will arrive soon and it will damage your happiness. Dreaming of a catastrophe originated by a flood is expressed the necessity of protecting of your resources or goods before something devastating as the seizure of the bank or of the company of real estate.

Just so, the dream about a catastrophe allows to remember or to reveal the wisdom that it should always stay in the life when using your patrimony. Also, the fear to lose that it achieved with your own effort it won't limit your economic important decisions.

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