Caterpillar Dream Meaning

Caterpillar in your Dreams

To dream of a caterpillar symbolizes a connection with the subconscious one, with the silence and the nobility of the pure soul. It usually insinuates that you are progressing slowly toward arriving to your interior spirituality. If you dream of a caterpillar in the back yard of your house you will receive favorable great news to your economy but it includes time for your materialization. Dreaming of a caterpillar moving for a leaf in the garden of your house you have not still gotten your objectives, but you are definitively on the correct path.

Every so often, this type of dream advices that you should be criticize with yourself, not to be considered too good and to be aware that it doesn't behave in an appropriate way in some occasions. Therefore you request advice not to assume a superior and arrogant behavior with the other ones in delicate situations with family near.

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