Choking Dream Meaning

Choking in your Dreams

If you suffocate in a dream it means to lose the route of the life, to have a light dream or to suffer mainly of continuous nightmares during the night. To dream of the asphyxia symbolizes to lose the contact with the reality, to have physical traumas from the childhood or to be subjected to a strong stress right now. If you dream of the asphyxia that provokes your drown in the sea you will face a breathing difficulty for allergy to the powder or some insects. Dreaming of the asphyxia that provokes an asthma attack is omened the loss of an air flight to visit a distant relative.

Simultaneously, this dream causes a state of tension or dislike high and it doesn't even stop to point out difficulties when expressing negative premonitions. The food, the health or the sexual lives are some of the references of this annoying dream.

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