Smiley Face Dream Meaning

Smiley Face in your Dreams

To dream of smiley face, current graphic symbol and expression of the state of the sender's of messages mailed, it can cause diverse interpretations. If the expensive smiley expressed smile, happiness or love, omen positive message; if it expresses sadness, cry or anger, it denounces negative news.

In a general way, in a way or other, the expensive smiley offers premonitions of good humor or sure intentions of offering new good envelope very dear and distant people. The dream that includes the vision of an expensive smiley remembers to protect the interior love and to be happy or optimist for always. This type of dream could happen in moments of personal difficult tests.

Negatively, an expensive smiley could represent human bad feelings before the happy visualization of others. It could also express exhaustion or pressure before false intents of being pleasant or removed. To dream of smiley face points out an empty visualization or miss of good news.

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