Clowns Dream Meaning

Clowns in your Dreams

To dream of clowns represents aspects of your personality that motivate other people not to take you seriously, they ignore you or laugh at you. The clowns could reflect the necessity of you to enjoy some amusement, joke or practice with your children or relatives. If you dream of clowns in a dark or not very illuminated place you will be able to have a situation that will embarrass you for a long time. Dreaming of clowns in a very illuminated place is omened a good action of you with some people of your community that it will cause the correct valuation of you.

Frequently, the dream about clowns alerts of incompetence, humiliations and shameful mistakes, when giving very clear and precise premonitions. Of dreaming of clowns of evil behavior you will be attentive to personal errors.

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