Stilts Dream Meaning

Stilts in your Dreams

To dream that you are walking with stilts insinuates a near situation that will force you to use something to hide the physical limitations, the lack of value and of self-esteem. An omission or a personal limitation always accompanies this dream that makes feel vulnerable to all individual. Dreaming of stilts of metal used by some clowns in a circus is omened something dangerous that you will face for the first time without some help. If you dream of stilts of wooden used by some children in a park you will be able to give a help that will show an economic effort great and a brave personal wonderful.

At the same time, the dream about stilts tries showing the best road to achieve the independence and the self-esteem personal correct in harmony with the best human principles. This will move away doubts, betrayals or simplicities when considering all the areas of the life with seriousness and stability.

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