Confetti Dream Meaning

Confetti in your Dreams

To dream of confetti expresses happiness, achievement, wealth and prosperity in the near future. If you dream of confetti and it receives them from well-known people you will receive a wonderful work offer that will allow you to arrive to personal objectives and to acquire managerial more wisdom.

Dreaming of confetti left in solitary streets and of white and black color it omens a crossroad in your life very soon. If you are who throws confetti to other people maybe it announces happiness and recognition to you for something carried out satisfactorily. DonĀ“t forget, you will celebrate the increment of your incomes in some months. It could also express the recognition to your effort and creativity.

It is good to point out that when to dream of confetti you should detail the colors because it is important. The presence of alive and intense colors is positive, while the opaque colors alert of negative matters in abundance.

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