Hanger Dream Meaning

Hanger in your Dreams

To dream of a hanger represents the premonition that something will be stopped, forgotten or kept for another moment, and that it will need of a motivation for their revitalization. The hanger symbolizes the object or the desire that it exists and that it is wait continually. If you dream of a hanger abandoned in a container of garbage you should change some desire or thing very wanted by another one nearer to your real possibilities. Dreaming of a hanger placed on your bed is omened the presence in your house of a relative that will give you a news significant for you.

Justly, the dream about a hanger means many calm and patience, taking the detachment to the material thing as compass of your steps in the life. Any desire should be reiterated or to be expressed in the mind in a way continuous to avoid that something kept is never manifested.

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