Couch Dream Meaning

Couch in your Dreams

To see when dreaming that you are on a couch insinuates that you will be subjected to a medical inspection in some days or that you will enjoy a leisure moment in a favorable place to the lethargy or the monotony. The couch symbolizes relaxation, rest, to take a time in an appropriate place without more concerns. If you dream of a couch amid a medical consultation empty and of dark color you maybe have too much tension or stress due to too many matters in your mind. To dream of a couch amid a medical consultation occupied by a person and of clear color is omened intimate feelings that they will be expressed by you to somebody that you admire and it respects.

At any event, the dream about a couch expresses with clarity that you won't take seriously the envy, badly, resentment or other people because the couch indicates relaxation and tranquility. Inside a dream, a couch also indicates conquest of all your desires, and even of possible opponents.

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