Suffering Dream Meaning

Suffering in your Dreams

To dream of a suffering represents an alert one of to survive a problem or to tolerate with intelligence an unbearable but brief situation. This dream can advance anguish or an uncomfortable experience with the loss of something or of somebody loved by you. If you dream of a suffering lingering and unpleasant as being you a slave in a cotton or sugar plantation you will experience the physical deterioration of a dear person without you being able to make anything. Dreaming of a suffering brief and repeated as drowning in a swamp or in the sea it seeks advice to assist more all the areas of your life that you can take with under control perfectly.

In fact, this dream points out or omens some cruelty or damage in your things or feelings in an intentional or spontaneous way. In this case, take your premonitions like guide of your steps in the life and don't stop to take with charity the pain of another person.

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