Cross or Crucifix Dream Meaning

Cross or Crucifix in your Dreams

The cross or crucifix is a strong and universal religious symbol that is often taken by all person that wants full comfort, a honest approach, a total cure, the elimination of the pain, or a general protection the bad thing. Obviously, if you dream that it is avoiding the cross inside a church you will feel shame of your attitude with the colleagues in the executive meeting of the last Friday. Dreaming of a cross in one of the walls of your office is manifested your desire of applying a defense mechanism to impede the damage or deceit in your client with a cloudy or immodest sale. Hence, the cross represents the realization of a great sacrifice for the good of all the human beings.

Without doubts, the cross can feel as something that stimulates the redemption or the guarantee of the security of a faith of life. This is what means this religious image of moral and spiritual ascent.

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