Doppelganger Dream Meaning

Doppelganger in your Dreams

To dream of a doppelganger represents the concern of your ego for something very material or interested, for something very individual, selfish, distorted and unpleasant. A doppelganger symbolizes the possibility that somebody can mistake or to damage your good actions. Dreaming of a doppelganger that brake your hand when giving help to an old man or a blind man in the street seeks advice to think each thought of hate a lot or of unnecessary trial in something or in somebody. If you dream of a doppelganger that pushes you to cross a forbidden place you will have a group of premonitions that will reject totally.

Sometimes, to see your own doppelganger in your night walks could represent an identity that ignores, perhaps as musician, artisan or magician. This way, this dream is also good to find out that you made something bad or unpleasant in another moment or place, a long time ago.

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