Demeter Dream Meaning

Demeter in your Dreams

To dream of Demeter is a strong sign of your security of employment at the moment and with it to be able to give support to your family and even to other relatives possibly. Demeter symbolizes the prosperity, the fertile earth and the bumper crop obtained for the benefit of all without exclusion. If you dream of Demeter conversing in the living room of your house with the whole family you will be able to obtain the contract of purchase of a house for your family of a very professional company of real estate. Dreaming of Demeter sat down in the door of your work is alerted to maintain care in your steps in the work to avoid problems.

Thus, the dream about Demeter helps you to maintain a distance of difficulties and of coming closer of important opportunities. If somebody near you requests help you think the decision calmly so that the probability of a mistake doesn't exist with you or with your relatives.

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