Disappointment Dream Meaning

Disappointment in your Dreams

To dream of a deception indicates the vicinity of complex circumstances of the real world that you will face with patience and wisdom to solve them. These dreams can indicate defects that have existed during all your life or during a long space of time. If you dream of a deception made by a well-known person you will obtain something that will allow you to carry out a pleasant activity with friends and relatives. Dreaming of a deception made by an unknown person is omened a good month beginning for you by the obtaining of things that you always built up hopes to have and that they give you a lot of interior peace.

Of course, this kind of dream should be observed very well to see if it expresses the damage of something or if it points out something dirty because you could announce to lose something achieved with your own effort. If a deception come to you in the middle of a meeting or of a business it could indicate a frank and beautiful invitation that you will never forget.

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