Epilepsy Dream Meaning

Epilepsy in your Dreams

To dream that you have epilepsy indicates that you are burying your emotions, forgetting your pretty memories with the family and erasing images unforgettable. The epilepsy symbolizes to fix the difficult things, to extract and to repair in a different way a thing built with complexity. If you dream of the epilepsy that happens to an unknown person you will enjoy the tranquility of having been able to repair a complex equipment of your work. Dreaming of the epilepsy that happens to a colleague or friend is alerted a possible tension in the relationships between you and the colleagues due to errors made in the work.

Hence, the dream about the epilepsy helps to accept the aspects of the personal and family identity of friends, relatives and neighbors without distinctions. This way, this aspect can represent to brake or to contain noble but very individual feelings that damage the love to the fellow being.

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