Eyes Dream Meaning

Eyes in your Dreams

Dreaming of the eyes is demonstrated the proximity of an effect or an influence that he/she will be able to cause wisdom, intelligence, approval or perspicacity on something or somebody. The eyes mean ideas of the subconscious that impel to the ego or external ideas that could influence in a growing way when happen the past of the days. If you dream of the eyes of an old person you will maintain the customs and not to be allowed to influence for other people unaware to you. To dream of the eyes of a tiger is omened the possibility of showing the knowledge and abilities in an important company.

Often, this dream is identified with damages or evil spell, as well as with the lost of the luck of being of dark colors the eyes that they are shown during the dream. This way, of being able to each one of the eyes, the left eye represents to the moon and the passion if it is very brilliant and of clear color; the right eye identifies the sun and the power if it is big and round.

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