Fever Dream Meaning

Fever in your Dreams

To dream that you have a fever indicates that you have unpleasant emotions that you have aversion or a great rejection with some people or things. The fever symbolizes defense, rejection and insistence to take out of the road something complicated or conflicting. Dreaming of a fever that has a not-know person of visit in your home it advises to request from the best way to your couple to express the emotions buried in your soul per years. If you dream of a fever that has a relative of visit in your house you will express to a great friend your more important restlessness on the work and the payment of your house during this month.

By the way, this type of dream prepares to interpret and to face any litigation, conflict or nuisance during specific moments of the life. It doesn't include it to be bothered or to be inconvenienced with a friend or with a colleague for matters of little importance.

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