Flattery Dream Meaning

Flattery in your Dreams

To dream of a flattery represents a too dense or heavy behavior from a complimenting person to another. A flattery symbolizes to control or to manipulate others with lies, approaches or expressions that don't coincide with the reality. If you dream of a flattery that a well-known person makes to another in your house you will control the ego or vanity when wants to obtain something of somebody. Dreaming of a flattery that an unknown person makes to another in the street is expressed the falsehood of the words of a person on you carried out to retain and to commit with something.

Sometimes, the dream about a flattery describes the behavior of a person that will fake to know and to astonished a lot for the simple interest of using you in a matter of businesses. Everything should be proven and rectified to take the opportune advice that is offered through a dream.

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