Gel Dream Meaning

Gel in your Dreams

When using the gel in a dream it is represented the necessity of cleaning, to improve or to rectify something of that it has not been taken care socially. To dream of the gel symbolizes beauty and care simple but very attractive or essential for everything, including a device or an alive being. Dreaming of the gel that a person spilled in the bathroom of your house is expressed the necessity to improve the sanitary and hydraulic conditions of your house. If you dream of the gel that a friend pours on the motor of a equipment or machine you should rectify the control of maintenance of the equipment or equipments that are used by you.

Currently, this type of dream is very valued because it allows to take care o to prolong the lifespan of the valuable things that possesses. This can include the enjoyment of the help of a colleague that will be worth a lot when assisting a domestic problem important.

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