Birdcage Dream Meaning

Birdcage in your Dreams

To dream of a birdcage is symbol of to lose or to limit the freedom, as well as it is sign of a difficult or unpleasant premonition. A birdcage represents the limitation of the transcendent thing in the human labor or in the work of a person. If you dream of a birdcage of a great size and of gold you should take care of all your labor rights in your company with force and without limits. Dreaming of a birdcage of small size and silver is omened a limited and poor success in your activities financial and of businesses current.

In fact, the dream about a birdcage offers premonitions that are related with the limitation of freedoms or actions daily but necessary to the life. However, it can be good to identify or to also avoid that type of losses or limitations.

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