Slugs Dream Meaning

Slugs in your Dreams

To dream of slugs insinuates resolved topic, to be implacable almost harmful, to be paused to obtain their ambitions or to affect other people unwittingly. The slugs symbolize plague, damage or to take a matter causing big changes to somebody but not to you. Dreaming of slugs that damage your garden is omened a wrong business with a client from South America that will complicate everything with the customs and with the community of businesses corresponding. If you dream of slugs that the drawers and cabinets of your office travel you should safe the not execution of the contracts signed with companies of Oslo and Stockholm to avoid a millionaire reclamation.

To tell the truth, this kind of dream omens problems and complications but that they can be avoided if you keep your eye on the ball or the most lucrative and complex businesses. Also, if the slugs come of out toward inside your house or office alert that it is filtering information public and private of you toward non near people.

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