Mashed Potatoes Dream Meaning

Mashed Potatoes in your Dreams

To dream of mashed potatoes represents tranquility in the home, and family agreements. Dreaming of the elaboration of mashed potatoes you receive a message of promising next events; if the flavor is bitter it announces anguish and future solitude. Generally, to dream of the mashed potatoes is related with simple matters of easy solution or lack of concerns in areas of their private life. On the other hand, the mashed potatoes could reflect sure premonitions on somebody that helped you in works at home or in some business work. By the way, to dream of the mashed potatoes with juice cooked meat represents the total satisfaction with a few things or action of the daily life as the healthy feeding, the appropriate consumption of domestic energy, the punctual payment of the rent of the house, etc.

To dream of difficulties in the cooking of mashed potatoes could indicate rupture of the daily tranquility, lost of the social status, of the level of the purchases or possible negation of a requested credit. In this case, please, take cautions and measures.

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